Friday, December 08, 2006

J-Bloggers, Jews Represent

The 2006 Weblog Awards are in full swing... a few of the blogs I read regularly are nominated in different categories - feel free to vote for Jack's Shack here, TownCrier here, DryBones here, and then debate between Treppenwitz and Elder of Ziyon for Best MiddleEast/Africa blog. Treppenwitz actually is running a tight race in his category... and I feel for DryBones. His category is loaded with great comic blogs.

Other interesting posts:
I applaud those “anonymous bloggers” who brought this issue public and kept it in the public eye. Without them, this arrest would not have happened. They too have been subject to attack recently. I have already written about the problems of anonymous blogging (”Are Blogs Kosher? The Jewish Week 05/25/2006)–”Can these blogs be more responsible? Yes, and they need to exercise much greater care in upholding standards of decency, fairness and justice because they, too, can be responsible for harming innocents. And Web surfers should not necessarily believe what they read on them…But the blogs are here and, for now, supply a valuable service.


  1. thanks for the heads up, i went and voted!

  2. let kolko have his day in court, but i think i will end up wishing that he had resisted arrest.

    re. how well known matisyahu is, see (it is an interesting blog if you have not seen it)