Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hip-Hop Dance

For some reason which I honestly can't figure out, I'm in a very melancholy/depressed/sad/bad mood. I was trying to find something - anything! - inspiring, funny, cool, entertaining on YouTube to post, but kept striking out. Finally, I stumbled on this, and I thought it was pretty cool.


  1. Ezzie: sorry you are feeling sad today. Contrary to what t.v. and movies would like you to believe, the holidays do not always feel happy (even if everything in your life is going well).

    Oh, to be able to move like that!

  2. Wow! That was really cool. I love the classical background mixed in with a little beat box. And, you can't beat a little good ol' school break dancing.

  3. sit by elianna's crib and watch her sleep. you'll feel a lot better.

  4. Maybe it's because you've been staying up all night? ;)

  5. CM - Amen to that!

    SL - Exactly :)

    Ari - Heh!

    MiI - Nah :P

    All's good now... I really have no clue why I was like that. Weird.

  6. For fast relief you could try some ragtime piano music. Check out the cd "Scott Joplin: Piano Rags" played by Joshua Rifkin (available at Amazon).

  7. sheva: it's called 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' (SAD). There are ways of treating it, including exposure to some sort of bright lamp every day (because there is little sunlight). We learnt that in psychology. And it's probably true because in winter I'm more cranky than normal.

    Hope all is ok, Ezzie! When in doubt... keep on blogging ;)

  8. Whoa, Korean breakdancing. Cool.

    Now if only i could actually read what it says :-P