Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy & Sad

One of the interesting things about the J-blogosphere is the range of what it covers, from the happiest moments to the saddest stories. Today is no exception: JewishBlogmeister has a baby boy, and (via MentalBlog) there's this open letter on a very controversial subject to R' Matisyahu Solomon. Go wish JBM a Mazel Tov, and if you can stomach it, read through the letter.


  1. ezzie,

    did you catch the recent post on hirhurim about whether or not to get the police involved in these issues. personally i was disgusted by those who argued that this issue should be dealt with internally only. after reading all the comments (and adding some) i could only think of a quote from elie wiesel that i cited recently on my blog in a different context:

    "The Jewish brain has killed the Jewish heart. That is why I wept . . ."

  2. Yes. I believe I commented there... It boggles the mind.

  3. Ezzie, I can't get over the letter that you linked to. I'm literally shaking with fear about sending my kids to school. How widespread do you think this is?

  4. To clarify, I don't mean to come off as naive enough to be unaware completely, but I wonder there are perpetrators and/or enablers in most of our schools.

  5. RM - I don't have a good answer for you. In general, make sure you find an administration you trust...