Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Worst Comeback Ever

This is the worst, and most amazing, comeback you'll ever see in a football game. East Plano was trailing 41-17 with about 3:30 left in the game, when the game turned downright comical. The announcers only add to the comedy of it. I've never seen a team so stupidly touch an onside kick before - and not just once. Mind-boggling. You have to watch this to the very end... I have so many questions on the coaches in this game.

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Enjoy! (Football helmet-tip: AL, whose blogger login I can't recall...)
Special note to a reader from Baltimore who I sort of met this past weekend: I'm really sorry - the person who introduced us didn't realize I'd just washed and couldn't talk, so sorry for being a bit rude there. But feel free to come over next Sunday! :)


  1. That was awesome - as the announcer said: I wanna throw up.

  2. These announcers are HILARIOUS.

    DK - One of the comments said it perfectly: Two lessons from this game. 1) Never leave before the game is over. 2) Always squib the kick!

    Moshe - Yep. It makes us almost look decent. Almost.

    Anon - That long ago? Wow. I thought it was more recent...

  3. I was gonna say that even TwistCafe couldn't blow that one.

  4. We came close in our 3rd win... which is pretty much where everything started.

  5. Oh, some Q's on the clip:

    Why the heck would anyone touch an onside kick after just 5 yards!? More importantly, why would it happen TWICE!? Where's the coaching staff?

    If you're down 4, why would you go for 2? Go for 1, make it a FG to tie.

    Why not squib?

    How does a team give up the exact same 5-yard TD play twice in a row?

    When 21 gets the onside kick and is starting to get wrapped up, he could easily flip the ball to a teammate who'd have open field ahead - why didn't he?

    Why is 88 playing every single position?

    If the QB is backpedaling about 15 yards, isn't it obvious there's a screen?

    What the heck was that "he's going to go!" when the guy was surrounded at the 20?

    If you're the winning coach, what do you tell your team? "Hey, you almost had the biggest choke EVER, but it's okay!"?

    What if you're the losing coach?!

  6. Notice also that E Plano managed the clock better than the Giants do. :)

  7. How has this not been made into a movie yet? Even a made-for-TV movie? That is just awesome. But, it's an almost come-back. They still lost.

  8. It means to kick it short and on the ground... it's harder to return it very far that way, because the person who picks it up is usually not as fast and doesn't have great moves.

    And of course I'm cruel!