Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/19: More Chanuka Fun

Sorry for the lack of "real" posts, but hey, that's how it goes sometimes. From Thursday thru Monday, there will be almost no posting from me whatsoever, :::coughothermembersofSerandEzcough::: as it looks to be a fun yet busy weekend with little computer access. Meanwhile, here's some more good stuff out there:
  • Stacey has sold her house! I'm just waiting to see what Jack has to say.
  • XGH has the South Park take on playing with dreidels. Hilarious.
  • PsychoToddler and his band performed an incredible Channuka song at Summerfest, and he's posted the video.
  • Steg has a fun video on the debate over the spelling of Channukkahh. (Y'all may have noticed I've been spelling it a number of different ways...)
  • And Sarah has some fun laughs for everyone. :)
Chanukah Sameach! Also, thanks to everyone for making this blog what it is - the page views just surpassed 200,000 views today!


  1. Since when can Clevelanders use the phrase "y'all" ??

  2. This is the third post of yours that I've linked to in the past three days. Good stuff!

  3. 200,000 views in a that a record or something?