Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Collapse

How often does a team start off 3-0, with 4 games remaining, needing just one win to clinch a playoff spot... and utterly collapse? Well, we did. TwistCafe managed to blow four straight games, the first one a tight matchup against the eventual division champ, the rest blowouts. Basically, we stunk.

On a more cheerful note, the 96th edition of Haveil Havalim is up at SoccerDad! Check it out.


  1. How about those Browns though? Good to see them help the Jets.

  2. What a game that was! I was watching it online... the Browns are really NOT a bad team. Take away their Cincy games, and they've had a bunch of tough losses, almost all of them to top teams (SD, Den, Balto, Car, NO...).

  3. If you guys really stink..I find a good deodarant does the trick...go with aridd xxtra dry trust me you'll thank me later...

  4. Sigh. How about a team that starts 6-2 and utterly collapses and now stands at 6-6, two games behind the Cowboys? Thank you Giants...

  5. DAG - It's called the Cleveland Curse.

    Taz - LOL. But the Giants stink, so that makes sense.

    JBM - I switched from ArridXX to Axe. It's even better! :)

  6. Huh? It's too early for the Cavs to be in the playoffs!