Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Slightly Different Take...


A few good posts out there today, since I'm (gasp) actually doing some work today...
For those in Israel, Yosef uses his expertise to break down the phone and internet options.

Since I was just discussing a similar subject with a friend last night, it's worth mentioning Shoshana's interesting post about bipolar order and depression among college students and how they cope.

Ezer K'Negdo's husband, the rabbi, gets surprised looks when he's holding his beer listening to Hendrix. She thinks people need to take another look.

Life-of-Rubin feels people are judging the Seattle airport's Christmas-tree-yanking-incident that was caused by a Chabad rabbi without knowing the whole story. So he has the whole story.

Orthomom approaches the story from a completely different point of view - very thought-provoking. Her point applies no matter what the story was. Excerpt:
But is all this watering down of Orthodoxy a good thing? The fact that an Orthodox Rabbi is willing to stand before a Seattle court and argue that a utensil that I consider an eminently religious one is actually completely secular - does that make for a proud day in our religion's history? Is it outweighed by the debatable benefit of having a 6-foot high menorah displayed next to a Christmas tree display?

No, I don't think it is.
UPDATED: Finally! I found the Jak Black piece on the story that he sent me last night, which actually covers a whole host of other issues. It's excellent.

And LkwdGuy has yet another take on it - also very good. This is what I like about the J-blogosphere - a whole host of different opinions, each with a different approach.
Check them out.


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