Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/7: Heroes

Woah. Heroes is an amazing show. I just watched this week's episode online... wow. I, much like Meryl, recommend it highly. I had to start from Episode 6, but NBC just put all the episodes online, so you can catch up easily.

Anyways, some good reads out there that you may have missed:
  • 10) Yitzchak is one of many who linked to this, so I randomly picked him. This is quite a (deserving) slap in the face to ex-President Jimmy Carter.
  • 9) David Kirschner may be stressed out, but at least he's getting published.
  • 8) Kasamba is hilarious, period.
  • 7) Sephardi Lady tackles FSA's before the tax year is out. Save yourself a few hundred bucks and read this.
  • 6) DAG has Michael Medved's excellent take on the Prager/Ellison kerfuffle.
And now, on to the top 5:
  • 5) This DAG follow-up on the tznius conference may make you want to throw up - it's all the rules and guidelines they made. Most of them are reasonable, but a few really make you wonder; and the first rule is sad, especially when recalling who was not at the conference.
  • 4) Ariella notes a wonderful guidebook on marriage. You may want to bring back the barf bag for this one. Excerpt:
    #3 [directed at the husband] “Make peace as soon as possible, even if it means going beyond what the other party is entitled to. NEVER LET A QUARREL CONTINUE. Even if it means going to Manhattan and buying your wife a $1,500 diamond, that will take you five years to pay up—do it! No matter what, she will probably take the diamond—and your marriage will be restored.”
  • 3) Save the barf bag: Orthomom [commentary] and DAG [actual letter] have the Jewish Press response to a heart-wrenching piece by a struggling frum gay man.
  • 2) This DAG find (he had a great day) made me say What!? Excerpt:
    They have restricted the studies of the women to the area in which they are actually teaching. They have allowed taking courses to reach the levels bachir and kefel to'ar (a level that allows the teacher to teach in a seminar), and also other courses known as gemulim. However they do not allow women to get a BA or a BA equivalent. Maran HaRav Eliashiv said that he did not know how it could be that for so long those who run the courses had not sought rabbinical guidance. He also said that those who had been exposed to outside influences in these advanced courses must be assumed by the Bais Yaakov system to be on a lower level than those who have not been so exposed.
  • 1) Chana has a fascinating, thought-provoking post on how we think about pedophiles.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. wow..and I didn't even have to cash in my 100 serandez points

  2. we <3 Heroes! BTW, how much are you guys looking forward to sunday?? woohoo!! :)

  3. On your last item, Ezzie: of course, there is nothing more dangerous than an educated woman. She may realize there's more to aspire to than another piece of jewelry. But I always thought it was only G-d Himself who can assess a person's spiritual level. Only He "can see into the heart" -- something even neviim were not necessarily accurate about. Of course, I may have been corrupted myself by education, which explains why I do not simply accept the issued statement as a given.

    Thanks for the reference. Have a good Shabbos & regards to Serach!