Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 11/14: Cleveland Rocks Out!

Well, the kids do, anyway. So, who wants to see pictures of the school I went to? And where my family has sat for shul on Shabbos for the last 60 years or so? Anyways... I was always a very big fan of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, particularly from Pre-K to 8th grade for the boys and 6th grade for the girls. Watch this music video at JustStam - I actually know a couple of these kids, one of them is one of my closest old friends' little brother. (Yo Jason, is little Avremel bigger than you yet? :) )

It's cool that they filmed the video in the school, though since the school made the band, I guess it makes sense. Seems like the kids enjoyed, too. Anyways, when you see them davening in a huge auditorium with long table-shtenders, that room also doubles as the Young Israel of Cleveland Heights on Shabbos. We sat (and my father still does) in that front row, in the middle section, right behind the amud. This way my father can tell the chazzan to hurry up and stuff. :)

Anyways, there are some really great pieces out there today in the J-blogosphere. Today seems to have been "show off my writing skills" day... Here they are:
  • 10) This Cross-Currents piece is the same article I was referring to earlier.
  • 9) Ariella gave her take; and so did DaBoys a while back, they remind us (or one, anyway).
  • 8) Akiva bites the bullet and takes the embarrassment to teach his kids. This is something we can all learn from.
  • 7) Kasamba discusses smoking... as only she can. Just laugh and smile.
  • 6) Chana discusses Fight Club, breaking the first rule of Fight Club. But it's worth it.
And now to the top five:
  • 5) Pearl gets published - and it's not hard to see why. Read her article, then find this wonderful children's book (and buy it for Elianna! :::coughcough::: ;) ).
  • 4) Harry Maryles nails it on the head. Since when has this been the case?
    And this is the mindset: Harav Elyashiv is the POSEK ACHRON WITHOUT QUESTION!

    We have a pope!
  • 3) Krum on the Agudah and its constituents:
    The big question is, in light of the Kolko scandal, will the Charedi world continue to satsfied with this approach, at least in this one case. This was essentially what R' M. Saloman's tried to convey at the Aguda convention -- the Gedolim obviously know about the issue, they are taking care of it, don't worry. But will this be enough? It's one thing to trust the Gedolim when it comes to bugs in the water, the evils of the internet or the kashrus of a local supermarket, but will Charedi parents be willing to rely on emunas chachamim and daas torah when it comes to the safety of their own children when the system so obviously failed?
  • 2) Shoshana on education:
    You can't protect against every possible outcome and situation. The spectrum is way too broad. But by forging an open, trusting relationship (and this applies to the whole world, not just the religious one) with your children, your students and for spiritual leaders, your congregations, they will in turn come back and ask for guidance and help when facing difficult situations, rather than hiding and getting in deeper. You can't shield anyone from everything, and I think education where challenges are discussed and defenses are built, is the key.
  • 1) Chana writes an amazing story. Want to read, but don't have a book to curl up with? Try The Bloody Rose.
Enjoy your reading! Tomorrow I'll probably put up some entertainment for Chanukah, unless I spread it out over the week.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Ezzie. I'm sure "Bubbie & Zadie" thank you too!

    As for Elianna, I'd prefer to write my own children's picture book and give a copy to her. Time (and talent) will tell...

  2. ooooh that video was so cool! Thanks for pointing it out!!! I knew so many kids in it! Is there any way for them or you to email it to me so I can email it to my husband at work-- he'll get a kick out of it! If so, I'm -- thanks. I've got a good few more years till I get to send my kids there, considering they're still in utero. :)

  3. Come see the Salamander rocking out to JustStam's video. There's a message for you. ;)

  4. I hope Just Stam reads this, because I keep trying to post the link over there, and for some reason one of the computers won't let me. :(

  5. You are too kind!
    Everyone elses posts are just fab!

  6. Great video. Could I bother you for the lyrics? I get as far as "Everyone who prays in this place in Jerusalem, it's as if he prayed before the Seat of Glory." The rest is beyond my Hebrew comprehension. Where can I find this quote?