Monday, December 11, 2006

The Kosher Recipe Pamphlet

Thanks to Judith Weiss (Kesher Talk) for editing this...

From Judith's post:
See that ad in the left sidebar? Pamphlet Guys took a break from war reporting to offer a palate cleanser (literally) in the form of a blogger cookbook. A Jewish blogger cookbook. It's about 50 black and white pages, no food porn, but really great recipes. Not the same old kugel, as the blurb says. Each recipe is embedded in a blog post, and some of the stories surrounding the recipes are just interesting as the recipes are tasty. You will learn how to use avant-garde theater to time a brisket, why potluck food is so often uninspired, what blessings to say over leeks and fish heads, what to do with etrogs after Sukkot is over, and visit a yishuv's carefully orchestrated matzah-baking only hours before the start of Pesach. All recipes are kosher. Hanukkah is around the corner. What are you waiting for?
Pamphlet Guys are the ones who took some of the greatest posts from the recent Israel-Hezbollah war and published them in a pamphlet form (including posts by Treppenwitz and Jameel). This book of recipes includes one of my own, which was published here on SerandEz about a year ago. If you're interested, click on the ad link to the left and check it out... they are $4 each.

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