Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogging Public Service Request

CWY notes, and this has something that has often bothered me as well...
Many bloggers, including myself, don't use Haloscan, so we're stuck with whatever Blogger gives us.

For some reason, the default timestamp for Blogger comments only include the time and not the date of the comment. This is really annoying, as it is impossible to tell if a comment thread is still active, or has wrapped up several days ago. This can be remedied rather quickly in Blogger under Settings->Comments->Comments Timestamp Format.
So please, if you use Blogger comments, change the settings to include the date and time. This makes it much easier for anyone who comes by to see if the thread has already died, or is still an ongoing discussion. Thanks!


  1. Or, just switch to wordpress ;-)

  2. I've had to advance my blogger time by a full 6 hours to get it even close to the time it was actually posted. But that has just been on blogger beta.

  3. thanks for the advice!
    shall do that when i get home next week :)