Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thank You

This is what the SiteMeter showed this morning when I came on (it doesn't register my hits). Who got the next one, eh? :)

Once again, thank you to all of you for visiting, for your insightful comments, and for making this little part of the J-blogosphere that much more enjoyable.

To those of you who have known me for a while... remember when I first started this blog? I don't think anyone thought I'd be hitting 100,000 hits at some point...

Out of curiosity, when did you start reading SerandEz, and if you can remember, why? My theory has often been:
...that people feel comfortable on my blog. I’m not a real intellectual, I’m not hilariously funny on the blog, I’m not really anything specific. I’m just a regular, nice guy, and people are regular, nice people, so they like that.
Or, as I like to say, that I'm just your average J-blogger. Thanks again, everybody!


  1. Congratulations! I have to admit that I started reading after you left a comment on my blog, but I've stuck around ;) And I think a lot of people read because you offer all the news and links to what's going on in the blogosphere, in a friendly, non-contentious way.

  2. "and people are regular, nice people"

    Are you being nice and optimistic in NY -- or did you OOT to write that post??

    (Sorry - I couldn't resist:-))

  3. Ezzie: I wish I could remember when I first starting reading your blog. But I read here for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Of course for are kind of like having another son, virtual of course!

  4. Moshe - Silly man, my blog is an "OOT" blog. I can actually be nice on it. :P

    CM - Aw, thanks 'Mom'! :)

    Shoshana - Ah, one of the first three blogs I ever read... Thanks!

  5. Couldn't happen to a nicer blogger.

  6. I didn't start reading until after I received the first check, but as long as the money keeps coming I'll keep reading. ;)

  7. I can't remember when I started or how I found your blog, but I think it was sometime in the beginning.

  8. Don't remember when I started. :-)

    But it's always fun to argue with a Republican who's also a really nice guy.

  9. From the beginning. I think.
    (You credit me with being the first to link to you too.)
    I may not be a great blogger, but I'm pretty good at indentifying talent.

  10. I’m not a real intellectual, I’m not hilariously funny on the blog, I’m not really anything specific. I’m just a regular, nice guy, and people are regular, nice people, so they like that.

    Extremely well said.

    A person can get involved in a heated comment war on DovBear, or debate the abstracts until their head hurts on Existential Angst.

    Your blog (from what I can tell in my short time reading it) is simply a place to hang out. A place to remember that though we may be armchair philosophers, political hacks, amateur psychologists, lost souls... we are first and foremost human beings, who crave social interaction.

    Maybe your blog is like the pub of the j-blogosphere. I'll raise a drink to that.


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  12. one more time...
    i started to read your blog so I could see if my blog would show up in your world famous round up of blogs. this was about a year ago.

    i was a publicity hound.

    we met for lunch and you didnt even brag about your hits.
    what a anav!

  13. I don't rememeber when I started, but I started for the exact reason you gave. I found this blog to be some sort of rest-station in between all the hardcore mental- masturbation blogs like GH for example

  14. Congrats! You've got a great blog and I'm glad you've been so successful. I just recently hit 10k and that was a mile stone. At that rate it's going to be another 9 years before I get to where you are. I hope I'm married before then- sigh.

  15. congrats!

    wishing you many more millions of hits to your blog in the future :)

    can't remember why i started reading your blog but I did and I liked it. It's a nice heimish blog with good variety and nice people so I guess that's why i've stuck around :)

  16. Thanks everybody!

    SD - Hey, I think you're a pretty solid blogger, too... now, if you'd just fix that template... ;)

    Jack - Shhh!

    JA - Repubs can be nice?! (But hey, I'm really a Dem, anyway.)

    HWHL - :P So what do you think of Milk 'n Honey, eh?

    Amishav - We all hope so as well! But I think you're doing okay... you'll get there soon enough.

  17. LT - That's awesome: "The pub of the J-blogosphere." I should put that up somewhere... :)

    (Wait, does this mean it's not tznius now or something?)

  18. That's great! Congratulations!

    I actually started reading last December, after you hosted HH. I found your blog through the previous HH round up, and initially wanted to see more of what HH was all about before starting to contribute on my own. Well, after looking at the links, I also noticed that you did your own round-ups, and decided to stick around and see what the fuss was all about. Then I noticed your political posts... and got stuck.

  19. Your blog was actually the first one I ever read...before reading it, I didn't even know what blogs were. (You already know how I found it to begin with.) And now, I not only read a decent number of blogs, but even have my own! Your blog is great because there is always something new, and it covers a range of topics and talks about politics, culture, philosophical issues, societal issues, personal anecdotes,'s all over the place, and I love that. Also, because the posts are usually short, making for quick and easy reading. Keep it up!

  20. Irina - Ah, those political posts... :)

    SJ - I can't read long posts myself (shh, don't tell!), so I don't write them often. My best writing is probably some of the posts I spent time on - but hey, I never pretended to be about quality. :)