Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Foolish Leader

What leader gives away one of his most important tactical advantages... for absolutely nothing? It boggles the mind how a world leader could not only mess over any chance of getting back what is important, but gives something that was specifically being held for a reason.

Ehud Olmert has just agreed to "unfreeze" $100 million and "ease travel restrictions" (re: less checkpoints) in the West Bank. The $100 million is money that was specifically frozen when the person he's meeting with (Mahmoud Abbas) had his party voted out in favor of Hamas... but since that hasn't changed, it makes no sense to give the money. Moreover, that same group is still holding Gilad Shalit captive - and Abbas has no control whatsoever over that.

Essentially, Olmert just gave up two of his best chips... with not even a hint of a promise (not that their promises are worth anything anyway, but that's beside the point) in return. What a fool.

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  1. Id you would assume that the PM is an employee of a foreign power, it would make more sense to you.