Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So Much... blog, so little time. So a little taste of things to come, and some fun for now...
  • Our trip to Cleveland was great, and we had an awesome time - and took plenty of great pictures, mostly of Elianna.
  • I'm shocked and dismayed that there are so many people - particularly bloggers and blog readers - who think that plagiarism on a blog isn't a big deal, and/or think that a simple (and weak) apology means that it is something to forgive and forget. In the specific case I'm referring to, there are factors that make it so many times worse that it is mind-boggling that they do, though I'll grant that many likely don't know some of those factors.
  • Check out the World Dreidel Tour! It's hilarious. (Hat tip: Hootie)
  • A "weird" meme.
And much, much more. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my blog-reading.


  1. Okay. Stop discussing something in vague terms when some of your audience has no idea what you're talking about. It's downright rude. Either fill in the details or, if it's lashon ha'ra, stop talking about it.

  2. AlterBachur - That's quite true.

    Ayelet - It's not loshon hara, as the person has admitted to and written an apology for it. I am being vague, because I still am not quite sure what I want to write on the subject; I've been going back and forth as to what I want to say, what I think is right, and whether I can or should post all of that [not because of halachic reasons, but how much it helps or hurts the situation and the people involved].

    I'm sorry that it is rude; that's not my intention (though reading it from a reader's perspective, I see how that is). I was away for the weekend, which also means that I'm still catching up on some things, so it's delaying my ability to really think it through and write. Sorry - I guess I'll write that one first...

  3. It's not loshon hara, as the person has admitted to and written an apology for it.

    Um, how does that make it not lashon hara?


  4. Hey! Gald you had a great time on your trip to Cleveland. One of these days I'm going to go to the upper midwest and see a land where real estate is reasonably priced. As far as blog plagarism goes...If you can't think of anything to say- you shouldn't blog.

  5. Ayelet - Huh? That's not what the question is here. This doesn't fall under LH because he publicized his own activity.

    I've emailed you.

  6. ezzie- You're a real mentch for not gloating here. You probably deserve to, but it's very kind of you not to kick the guy while he's down.

  7. plagiarism is pervasive--spoken by someone who has had the daunting task of trying to teach students to properly cite sources and quote and paraphrase with the mareh mekomot. Many have gone through school never having had to attribute properly and being told it's fine to just take info. and use it without citations.

    Cite your sources to bring geula --guranteed segula ;-) --as we learn from Megillahs Esther "Kol haomer davar beshem omro mevi geula laolam."

  8. glad you had a good trip!
    no rush with the meme ;)

    don't know if i commented on the plagiarism post but it is a big deal and it's not right in any circumstances. granted at university it was emphasised every sememster to ensure we referenced etc but the blogosphere is obviously not quite the same! whether words or pictures or anything really the original source should be quoted or they must get permission to copy if they don't plan to reference. even if it's something as small as a button on a sidebar or some blog code, let alone ideas and actual writing.

  9. I've seen opinions attributed to some prominent rabbis that intellectual property has no halachic standing, which would effectively make plagiarism mutar. I totally don't understand that way of thinking. Intellectual property clearly has value. But I do not have stature to argue with the poskim of our time or of the past.

    Incidentally, a recent Halachah Berurah (Vol. 9, Issue 4) was entirely about Copyright and Halachah. It is eleven pages long and worth a read.