Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fun Surfing

(Hat tip: IPayTooMuchForMyHair)

This is a lot of fun or incredibly frustrating, depending on your tastes. How clever are you? :)

[I'm up to the 7th riddle.]


  1. Figured I'd chime in when I hit level 7 (for verification: festive color scheme!)

    Thanks for the link, my life is now officially on hold.

  2. ditto to what g said.
    i will have to get through the level i'm stuck on or i won't sleep properly :P
    frustratingly fun.

  3. Someone else sent this to me a couple weeks ago. I got up to around level 7 before I got too annoyed to continue and haven't been back since.

  4. help... i'm stuck on level 14 and i haven't got any work done this afternoon...

  5. Oh, right after posting, I got up to 14 I think. But then I got frustrated.

  6. Dear Ez,

    This is evil.

    (14, time to sleep)

  7. Okay, I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time with this, but I can't seem to get started! After the list of rules it says enter forum, and when I click it, it takes me to all the hints and stuff. Not the actual game. Whaddaya think?

  8. Ok.That was embarrassing. I am up to level 21. Phew.

  9. Ez, posting this link was truly evil. I don't feel SO bad for myself--I was only up till 3:30 am working on it (level 13)--but my poor easily-addicted roommate was still clicking away intently long after 4 am when I finally fell asleep. And she is currently back at it...and up to level 25. And she now hates me. I guess I should have known better than to send her the link...

  10. G - I know. I blame whoever showed it to me. I'll yell at her at work tomorrow. :)

    KM - 21?! I'm jealous. Still on 19.

    Kiwi - Thanks!

    SJ - Haha! :P Sorry...

  11. can't .... get through ... the first ... level!! i must be quite dumb!! help???

  12. Anon - It's right there "in the dark"! :)

  13. Oy, Ezzie, this game invaded my dreams after I stayed up way too late last night getting up to level 18.

    Did you edit your link?

    This is a bit addictive, but there's something about it that I don't quite like. I can't exactly name it, but the quality of the puzzles doesn't stand up to those of brain teasers and games more accepted in the logic and math communities.

    The inspiration of notpron is acknowledged on the introductory page of this game.

    KM is impressive -- off to a slow start, and then quickly surpassing most of us.

  14. Anon - Yeah, I edited the link. Thanks.

    KM *is* impressive. It must be that midwest gene...! :)

  15. Well, I stopped last time at level 18; so level 36 seems a good time to stop again.