Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ticking Play Snapple

A few random thoughts...
  • Saddam is dead, in case you haven't heard by now.
  • I finally finished Off the Derech, after totally forgetting about it for two months. I think it's an amazing book that (sadly) we can all appreciate and relate to all too much, and we can all learn an incredible amount from. I can't remember a book where I so often thought, "Wow. That's me." or "Wow. That's my friend." so many times.
  • The Cavs need to shape up big time, especially on defense.
  • Lebron James just turned 22 today. That's insane. (I'm 23.)
  • Chana is turning 18 - that's pretty crazy, too, though she's not worth $200 million.
  • Serach and I got married exactly 2-1/2 years ago today!! (Now's a good time to catch up on the How I Met Serach series in the sidebar. The next installment should be going up pretty soon...)
  • This Friday and Shabbos were stark reminders of some of the things I love - and hate - about "frum" Judaism. A couple of other contributors here may have more to say on that.
Have a wonderful motzei Shabbos, all! We're off to the Five Towns to visit friends who live in Queens with the car of a friend from Monsey who is currently in Bermuda. That makes sense, really.