Monday, December 04, 2006

A Bad Day

Well, today can't get much worse... Yesterday, I suddenly got huge headaches, to the point where I actually got sick. Serach came home, and she started throwing up, too, though completely unrelated it seems. Weird. Then there's today's news headlines:
  • UN Ambassador John Bolton will resign after his current UN appointment, since the Democrats won't confirm him because he's "too combative". Meanwhile, he's done an excellent job while he's been there. The logic escapes me.
  • One of the things he would do was point out UN corruption - and, since that keeps happening, it's good to have him there. Having someone who doesn't say anything to "be nice" is just plain stupid.
  • Hugo Chavez wins in Venezuela, and he's going to see if he can get rid of the term limits that currently exist. But no, he's not a dictator.
  • Speaking of dictators, it appears that North Korea has been running insurance scams in other countries.
Other than that, life is good. Thanks to yesterday, we still haven't had a chance to go over our expenses for the next Jewish Economics post, but hopefully that will happen soon.