Wednesday, December 13, 2006

El AL and the Charedi Dilema

So I'm sure most of you have already heard the whole story of the Charedim threatening (or already) to boycott El Al for a Shabbat flight infracture. Well here is my feeling regarding the whole thing and why some sort of agreement must be put forth. As many of you, I'm afraid to fly. I hate it. It makes no sence for a piece of metal that heavy to be airborn. The only time I will ever fly is when I am going to Israel. And let me just say this... I space my Israel vacations wide apart. I will also only fly El Al. There is though, one thing that gives me slight comfort when boarding that plane, and it's a comfort that many people share with me. Charedim. For some superstitious reason, if there are Charedim on the plane it makes me feel that God is with this flight. I am for sure not alone in this. I was once sitting by some secular Israeli and he remarked to me: "that there is no way God would bring down this plane with all these religous people." Being on a plane is the one time I love to see a swarm of Charedim. The more the better in my book. Just seeing those long beards puts my heart at ease (a little). Frankly, I would not mind if the entire plane was filled to capicity with residents of Meah Shearim.

So I say this to El Al: Come to some sort of agreement. If not for me personally, then for your own financial benefit. Cause if Charedim stop flying El Al, I can assure you that I am stopping as well, and so are millions of others.