Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Worst Comeback Ever

This is the worst, and most amazing, comeback you'll ever see in a football game. East Plano was trailing 41-17 with about 3:30 left in the game, when the game turned downright comical. The announcers only add to the comedy of it. I've never seen a team so stupidly touch an onside kick before - and not just once. Mind-boggling. You have to watch this to the very end... I have so many questions on the coaches in this game.

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  • CWY wants to know why Israel didn't declassify this months ago, when they were trying to win a war. Ugh.
Enjoy! (Football helmet-tip: AL, whose blogger login I can't recall...)
Special note to a reader from Baltimore who I sort of met this past weekend: I'm really sorry - the person who introduced us didn't realize I'd just washed and couldn't talk, so sorry for being a bit rude there. But feel free to come over next Sunday! :)