Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Anyone up for Lunch?

Anyone in midtown Manhattan want to grab lunch? I'm bored and hungry.

As a follow-up on yesterday's link... Harry Maryles has a good post on the subject, while R' Gil Student and Krum both discuss R' Schachter's speech saying people should report such activities to the police. As always, it would be better if people could attach their names to their statements, and while it is obviously understandable why people often do not feel safe or comfortable doing so, it also does impact how much one can trust their information and claims.

Some newish (at least to me) blogs I'm enjoying, off the top of my head:
And, one of my old faves has moved to a new, "better" location: Reflections of a Rabbi's Wife.
And, for all you hookah lovers out there (you know who you are!) - y'all may want to read this at CampusJ.