Thursday, December 07, 2006

Religious Test

(Hat tip: Pamela H.) Who do you think is right in this case?
A Jewish woman in North Hollywood, CA., lodged a complaint Tuesday against Fitness USA for an alleged civil rights violation involving a fellow gym patron. According to Jodi Berry, executive director of Fitness USA, Chana [redacted] was praying in front of another member’s locker when the member wanted access to her belongings inside the locker. The inconvenienced patron tried to interrupt Ms. [redacted], but she remained standing in front of the locker and an altercation ensued. A manager was called into the locker room to intervene.

Ms. [redacted] later complained that the Fitness USA management was unconcerned about the humiliation she suffered when her prayers were interrupted. She stated that the gym personnel were insensitive, rejected her complaints and did not satisfactorily intervene on her behalf. Ms. [redacted] further reported that the manager told her, “You have to respect her (the other patron), but she does not have to respect your god.”
I personally think that the patron is right here - you can't block someone's locker and expect them not to be upset. It's hard to know exactly what the altercation consisted of, but the original fault goes to the person praying. What do you think?

(After you've commented, read the rest of the piece here.)