Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So Much... blog, so little time. So a little taste of things to come, and some fun for now...
  • Our trip to Cleveland was great, and we had an awesome time - and took plenty of great pictures, mostly of Elianna.
  • I'm shocked and dismayed that there are so many people - particularly bloggers and blog readers - who think that plagiarism on a blog isn't a big deal, and/or think that a simple (and weak) apology means that it is something to forgive and forget. In the specific case I'm referring to, there are factors that make it so many times worse that it is mind-boggling that they do, though I'll grant that many likely don't know some of those factors.
  • Check out the World Dreidel Tour! It's hilarious. (Hat tip: Hootie)
  • A "weird" meme.
And much, much more. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my blog-reading.