Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nice People in NYC!? and More Chanukah Entertainment

Haveil Havalim #98 is up at Jerusalem Board Games. He's turned it into an entertaining story, too - great roundup, lots of fun. He notes that another J-Blogger, Planck's Constant, is constantly updating his Chanuka carnival. Loads of great stuff in there of all types...
  • Irina has an incredible essay on Chanukah. Read it.
  • Kasamba writes about Chanukkah in a way only she can...
  • Steg points out that our Hhanuka is actually the fourth one. Huh? He explains...
  • And finally, Scraps finds that there are some really nice people - even in New York! Maybe people are being nice for the holiday season? ;) Regardless, it's great to hear. What a nice story.
We had one party last night at my in-laws, which was also a combined siyum in memory of Serach's grandfather Dr. Abraham Luchins, who passed away one year ago today. A few more small parties over the rest of the week...!

Chanuka Sameach!! :)