Monday, November 20, 2006

With All Due Respect...

I'm usually a fan of President Bush [see here], but I feel like this picture is too funny for people not to come up with their own captions for. (BagelBlogger is usually the one who has the great caption contests.)

Anyways, insert your own in the comments.
Hey, have you ever read My Pet Goat?


  1. I hear they serve great peanut butter sandwichs here...

  2. "I'm jus' here fer the finger paintin', he he."


    "I hear they're givin' away some edumacation here. I don't wanna git stuck in Eye-raq like that Kerry feller."

  3. I wouldn't even try to top mordy's comments...I just spit my coffee all over the place...thanks for the laugh.

  4. Mordy's second caption was pure genius, and I doubt it will be topped. But it would be unfair not to put in my own two cents:

    "You mean this aint Indonesian congress? But you guys do the same things I always do back in America-- duck duck goose, singalongs, and naptime."

  5. "Oh man, that test was SO easy. I for SURE passed."

  6. "The desk I have at home has more room to draw on."

    "Ha! Did you see that?! I NAILED her with that spitball!"

    (Yeah, I know, Mordy's are much funnier.)

  7. "I sign these teachers' paychecks!"

    "I signed legislation ensuring lucrative contracts for testing companies well into the next decade... heh heh heh heh!!!"

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  9. It's much funnier when done with the John-Stewart-doing-George-W voice!

  10. Hey Chana, this is George Dubya, doncha know it's pronanced "LUC-A-RATIVE", hehe.

  11. THird grade- the best three years of my life!

  12. "So that's how you spell 'guverrment'..."

    (lol at your last phrase ezzie!)

  13. I forgot, mordys, you are right!

    ROTFL Ez!!!!!

    I scream every time I hear him butcher that!!

  14. i'm not so witty when it comes to caption contests, but i'll add my two cents.

    Main Entry: nu·cle·ar
    Pronunciation: nĂ¼-klE-&r
    Function: adjective

    3 : CRAZY, BERSERK -- usually used in the phrase go nuclear
    usage Though disapproved of by many, pronunciations ending in
    \-ky&-l&r\ have been found in widespread use among educated speakers including scientists, lawyers, professors, congressmen, United States cabinet members, and at least two United States presidents and one vice president. While most common in the U.S., these pronunciations have also been heard from British and Canadian speakers.