Monday, November 06, 2006

Poor Baby

The smiley Elianna below has a wonderful attitude, considering that she has a high fever and is "on the verge" of pneumonia, along with slight pink eye in her right eye (hence the squinting in the pic below). She is now on antibiotics and getting eye drops, and should be much better soon iyH. Through it all, she has barely cried or complained - a little less smiley than usual, that's all. What a good baby!

On a separate note, please daven (pray) for Eliyahu ben Nitza Malka, my cousin in Israel who apparently got seriously injured falling off a swing (I believe) at a playground over the weekend. My cousin is a rosh yeshiva (head of a men's seminary) there and often gets asked to speak around the country; this time, he decided to bring his children with him for a small vacation. It is his son, who is probably about 9 by now (wow), who fell.


  1. refuah shlemah

    Elianna is quite a trooper

  2. Your cousin should have a refuah shlema.

    Your baby doll should be well soon, too!

  3. Ezzie, i'm sorry for both...I hope Elianna, and your cousin are well soon.

  4. Refuah sheleimah to both Elianna and your cousin...I will add them to my tefilot..

  5. Our oldest was like that. My wife once felt bad taking her to the doctor because she was so chipper. She had a fever of course. Some children are like that and don't make you miserable even if they are uncomfortable. It's a bracha.

  6. Thanks all!!

    Elianna's fever is still there, but down, and her lungs are getting clearer. Her eye was shut this morning, but now she's opened it.

    SD - Amen.