Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elianna Sleeping

I'm too lazy to write anything, so here's a cute picture of Elianna sleeping. :) This is her new thing - she starts with her hands behind her head like she's on the beach, then turns on to her side like this and curves her body backwards like elbow macaroni, the 'wrong' way of the crib, with her face right up against the edge of the crib (we've since added a bumper and other stuff to it). And of course, she's the cutest! :)

You have to love how she knocks all the toys out of her way onto the 'other side' of the crib so she has room...


  1. Yes, adorable.
    It's amazing how many sleeping baby pictures are taken of the first, even in the days of expensive film.

  2. cute... looks so cosy.

    no need to write stuff when you have photos like that!

  3. Eliana Racheli (hey! I'm being dictated to)she so cutie!!
    -said by Yoseph sitting on my lap!

  4. Very cute, but she doesn't look very comfortable curled backwards like that! It's funny the positions babies insist on sleeping in!

  5. Thanks for a great chick pic - I think we needed a photo of that baby to counteract the sporting event scalping stories :)
    What a cutie pie! Ann used to love sleeping "in the width" as we called it, and Andy outgrew doing that not long ago too. What's great is showing Ann, at three and a half, how big she is now and how small she used to be to fit into it and sleep comfortably that way!

  6. The cutest?
    I beg to differ. :-)

    Guess what the last two letters of the security code were?

  7. they do the funniest things to get comfy.

  8. Batya - True... :) (They're so cute!)

    Sarah - :P

    Eema2Four - LOL. How is the little one!? :) Did my sis call you?

    Balaboosteh - True... She loves it, though. That and looking over her head.

    RM - LOL. Hey! Yeah - It's funny seeing how she's outgrowing her bassinet, when it used to be she'd take up half of it.

    SD - :P

    KM - Yep

  9. TZIVIE SAYS: She is soooooo cute!
    I want to meet her already. I never met her, it's not fair.

  10. unfair exploitation of minor to get comments!

    unfair exploitation of minor to get comments!

  11. E2F - Well, y'all can come visit. :)

    HH - Ha! I was waiting for you to say that...!

    SaraK - Thank you, thank you. You'll have to come by again to see her! When you guys coming? :)

  12. Actually, there's a medical explanation for the hands thing. It means she's got healthy lungs! : ) This is SUCH a cute pic! : )