Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Game



  1. good on 'em :)

    (whoever and whatever sport ;)

  2. Heckuva game. Wouldn't mind seeing a rematch.

  3. Hoping to see a rematch. With such a close game (after the coach's sudden death), the BCS system seems infallible. Personally, I miss the old bowl traditions But, if the BCS brings a rematch, which it likely will, I'll be watching and cheering for the Big Blue.

  4. Sarah - Thanks. :) College football (American!).

    Jewboy - Me neither... and now, it looks like there may be a chance.

    JA - Hey, sha! :P

    Chana - LOL. I think Tressel could go 0-11 next year, beat Michigan, and still be a hero.

    DAG - Silly man. Buckeyes are the best.

    SL - Wow. It's amazing how much respect for you I just lost. Astounding, really. :P

    I miss the old bowls, too, and the BCS is really a joke. But since it's what we're stuck with, I'm hoping the current rankings hold after Notre Dame-USC and we see a rematch.

  5. Yep, that's all it would take around here...

  6. Maybe we can find some common ground Ezzie. Are you routing for USC or Notre Dame?

    Truth be told, I have no hard feelings towards OSU. I've just always enjoyed Michigan Football, but it is not my alma mater. My real loyalties lie with a team that will hopefully make a comeback in a few years.

  7. SL - I'm rooting for Notre Dame. :) I want to make sure there's no question of a rematch, since I don't think USC, Florida, or Arkansas deserve to go.

    Truthfully, I have no loyalties either, but in Ohio, you root for The Ohio State University, period. So I do. :)

  8. Or, if you're in Ohio, and you only came to Columbus to attend a small private university on the other side of town, and have been SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT OSU FOOTBALL SINCE THE DAY YOU SET FOOT IN COLUMBUS 20 YEARS AGO (ahem), you clench your teeth and roll your eyes every time you see a newspaper or flag or sweatshirt or hat or bumper sticker or...

  9. Wait. Are you NOT a true fan?! Blesphemy!!!! :P

  10. Both teams are fair. Terrible defense. They don't deserve to be ranked so high.

    Go Trojans.

  11. Ezzie-Common ground found. Of course, I never cheer for USC.