Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Opportunity Knocks

One of the interesting facets of blogging is the opportunities it opens up for a person. For me, at least, not only have I met countless other people, and through them, met others, but blogging seems to have given me a number of business opportunities that I otherwise may not have had. In the last 24 hours, 10 of which I was sleeping, I've been introduced to a few business opportunities and have been informed of a few events that I likely never would have had I not started blogging.

While those opportunities are great, and I hope to take advantage of some of them in the present and future, they're not as enjoyable as the first opportunity I mentioned: Meeting some incredible people. Yesterday, I had the chance to have lunch with the lovely and intelligent Chana, who is under the false impression that I know the world. (That would be Serach who does - really. A headhunter we once ate with wanted to hire Serach on the spot after they spent hours playing Jewish geography.) It was a great lunch, even if that nut Jameel called right as we were sitting down and disturbed us.

This motzei Shabbos, I'm not yet sure if I can attend the melave malka being thrown by BeyondBT. [We have the aufruf of FFD & FFW on Shabbos to attend!] I've met both David Linn & Mark Frenkel, will soon be repaying David the debt I owe him at Sushi Mitsuyan [again!] and attended the (excellent) Shabbaton a few months back which also had a small melave malka. If you're around Kew Gardens Hills, are in the Five Towns/Lawrence area, or even if you're as far away as Baltimore and drive really fast*, you can easily make this melave malka. The details are at BeyondBT. If we end up making it, I hope to see you there! :)

* I've done it in 3:00 without stopping. Normal people can do it in 3:15-3:30...


  1. You slept 10 hours! You said you don't need sleep!

  2. Hey- that guy you called a nut treated me to lunch today! I don't think either of us would have minded if you had called :-P

    Just kidding!

  3. Mom - I know, that's why I wrote it. Isn't that weird?!

    TNSPR - Not all of us have unlimited international calling... :::coughcoughJAMEEL:::

  4. Ezzie, I haven't forgotten our lunch/coffee, I have just been super busy.....

  5. Sarah - :P Blame my parents.

    Judith - Nu nu, I'm not worried.