Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 11/1: Pure Entertainment

These aren't all the good posts I've read over the last 36 hours or so, but they should entertain you... Meanwhile, I've decided that some bloggers are really hilarious - especially in real-life.
  • 10) Elder of Ziyon argues what actually is worthy of greater discussion... those who divest from Israel should - if they meant it - invest in the Palestinians. Build up their economy if you want to help them; don't just gripe at Israel.
  • 9) KollelMama may have had a typical atrocious flying experience to Israel, thanks to the sadly common chillulei Hashem, but at least she went to the kosher Subway! :)
  • 8) Life-of-Rubin (via JewishShiksa) now found the Matisyahu video on YouTube. Pretty good imagery...
  • 7) BeyondBT has a good "only in Israel" chicken story. Heh.
  • 6) Jameel sometimes scares me. Now, even when he eats chocolate... (though his co-workers might be scarier!)
And now, on to the top 5:
  • 5) Bein Adam L'Chaveiro used to be friendly with a guy he'd debate on occasion. That same guy just came in second place in the Iran Holocaust cartoon contest. :::shudder::: Some people are sick.
  • 4) Jack got a haircut. (Hilarious!)
  • 3) Jameel returns with the best non-post I've seen in a while.
  • 2) Wolf guests at SephardiLady's place: The benefits of losing a credit card. (Funny and important.)
  • And 1) RafiG has the new DietCoke & Mentos video. Two notes on this: a) These guys are hilarious, talented, and are having more fun at their jobs than anyone I've seen in a while. b) Chana, I can't believe you didn't find this first.


  1. hilarious is good.

    humour is important.


  2. Jack's haircut is scary...not hilarious.

  3. Still, it makes for great conversation!

  4. wow! I made numero uno! I am honored.

  5. Sorry - I wasn't looking! But yep, that's going on my blog! LOL...

    Sadly, there are no kosher mentos to be bought in my city or, I doubt, in Buckfield, Maine... although rumor had it that Boris' in Cleveland has them (said someone who I asked to bring back some from Israel... harrumph! not the point!).

    But I also illustrated in my experiment that the treif ones work better with diet coke anyhow...

    So, I will settle for being happy with an honorable mention in #1, LOL!