Monday, November 06, 2006

May the Force of Duct Tape be with you...

Quit your kvetchin, Ezzie. I wasn't going to post this, but since there seems to be no action on the J-blogsphere... I present another Comp I paper, which of course got an A-. Sorry it isn't deep and philosophical, but I was in a crabby mood when I wrote it.

Whenever I’m asked the clichéd hypothetical, “If you were stranded on a
desert island with only one possession, what would it be?” I always respond,
“Duct Tape.” Sure, a bottle of Evian or a cell phone might be more of a
necessity for survival, but a roll of the silvery adhesive could very possibly
aid in my rescue as well as provide me with entertainment during those lonely

Since its development in 1942, duct tape has proven to be useful, as well
as entertaining.
Due to its durability, duct tape is often used to fix broken items. Almost every home nowadays has something which only functions because of a strategically placed strip of tape. I’ve seen duct tape used to keep broken car doors from falling off, to help baby-proof a home, and to seal off leaky pipes. My parents’ house, which is quite old and in need of repair, sports several examples. Years ago, the linoleum floor in the kitchen split right down the center seam leaving an unsightly and possibly dangerous gap. Replacing the floor was beyond our means so we had to find a more economical way of fixing it. My resourceful mother resolved our dilemma using a roll of brown
duct tape. To our family’s surprise, the tape has held up pretty well. During our yearly Passover cleaning, the old tape is stripped off, and a new layer is put down in its place. I’m beginning to think it adds more character to our house than any fancy tiled floor could.

In addition to keeping our belongings from falling apart, duct tape can
provide hours of amusement and fun. A more innovative use for duct tape was
introduced to me in the eighth grade. Duct tape clothing and accessories are
easily created by folding a piece of tape in half! I remember looking in
amazement at the wallet my friend’s brother had fashioned for her completely out
of duct tape. It was a simple model, with a large pocket for bills and two
smaller ones for credit cards and the like. My mental gears sprang into action.
Within a few weeks I’d made a personalized wallet for each of my friends,
complete with a coin pouch and clear ID pocket. Soon my repertoire had expanded
to CD cases and even a small knapsack. Recently, I heard that Duck brand duct
tape sponsors an annual “Duct Tape Prom” featuring gowns and tuxedoes made
solely from their products.

Duct tape can be fun in other ways as well. College students have been
known to play pranks on their roommates by taping them to their beds or chairs.
A newspaper article described a school that came up with a rather unique
fundraiser. The principal stood on a chair that was placed against a wall and
some crafty seniors taped his body to the wall. After his body was secured, the
chair was removed, and for a mere quarter students could add another strip of
tape to help hold up their principal.

Whether you have a broken windshield, are looking for the perfect accessory
to add to your wardrobe, or just have some extra time on your hands, duct tape
can provide you with the answers. The possibilities are endless!


  1. You're a funny girl.

    Duct tape is wonderful. :)

  2. excellent :)

    duct tape is so versatile!

  3. LOL, yes, duct tape is an amazing tool, I completely agree. I have a roll of the silver kind sitting right here beside my computer.

  4. Have you ever heard of the "Red Green Show"? It was a Canadian comedy show featuring a "handyman" blue collar character called "Red Green" (played by Steve Smith) who uses duct tape to "repair" everything. They also made a movie called "Duct Tape Forever".
    3M for a short while used him as a spokesman to advertise their duct tape here.
    (I'm not a fan of the show just though you may be interested.)
    See for details.

  5. it's really hard to get duct tape residue off your windshield, though