Sunday, November 12, 2006

In A Weird Reversal...

The Cleveland Browns beat the Atlanta Falcons today, in Atlanta. Meanwhile, our football team lost 19-12 in a terribly played game by our offense and on a couple of plays on defense [including an INT going right off the chest of one of our guys into a WR's hands for a TD - ugh]. Despite a bad game, it still came down to our having the ball with 45 seconds left at about midfield with a shot to tie or take the lead, but our 3rd down play was just past the outstretched arms of our WR in the endzone, and on 4th they knocked the ball down to end the game.

Hey, at least the Browns won! Right, Jewboy? :)


  1. If they are from cleveland there is no hope for success.

  2. Falcons have totally collapsed-I have no explanation. Your bro in law and I will have to conspire agaisnt you.

  3. Woof Woof (that's the Dawgpound :-))

  4. Jack - :(

    EK - WOOFWOOF!!! :)

    Jewboy - Seriously. I don't quite get it either. I knew the Browns' D would do okay against them - they're really fast all around - but I thought the Falcons would be able to run the ball a lot more than they did.