Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Muddled Words

Want a fascinating read? Read this post at At the Back of the Hill that has some of the goings-on from the Knesset. It's Deputy Minister Ephraim Sneh, primarily, with interruptions from a number of Arab MKs throughout. Excerpt from BOTH:
[Arab MK Ahmed Tibi starts screaming...]

Deputy Minister Sneh: On Nov. 7, from an orchard on the outskirts of Beit Hanoun, rockets were fired towards Ashkelon. On the next morning, we received warning that it would happen again, and therefore two artillery volleys were fired to that spot. As a result of a technical fault in the second volley, tens of innocent people were hit. We see this as a grave issue, a catastrophe, and a failure. I assume that those who fired the rocket on Ashkelon, if they would have hit dozens of innocent people, they would have seen it as a success.

MK Tibi: [screams] You're just clearing yourself! [unintelligible]

Sneh: No, no, Tibi - that's the difference of our cultures; that's the whole thing; that's the difference in our values.

[Tibi and other Arab MKs start yelling wildly]

Sneh: I promised you that you wouldn't like what I had to say. ... You cannot evade the point that when we hit civilians, we see it as a failure, but those who shoot at us see it as a success; that's the difference, you cannot evade that!
He makes excellent points regarding both military and moral responsibility in the face of attacks. Read the whole thing.

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  1. Ezzie - I can't remember where I saw it, (Reuters, AP or AFP) but there is a terrorist spokesman who says that "thank G-d we killed one of the Zionists today" - about the kassam rocket attack where one 58 year old woman was killed this morning.

    Compare and contrast indeed.