Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not a Nazi

I must say, Loren, that post of yours' timing couldn't have been better. Loren said:
Attention all you Holocaust metaphorists:

Do you know how dumb you sound when you use such extreme language for lesser things? It displays your ignorance and / or trivialization of what the Holocaust was. Do you know how disrespectful you are to those that suffered through the real thing when Froot Loops for breakfast at Gitmo is compared to Auschwitz? Has Rabbi Marvin Hier ever raised this as an issue?

I understand the value of hyperbole, but you're doing it with a real hot button and it's not funny.* Some comments are out of bounds, like how you'd feel if I told a dirty joke about your mother.
Well, apparently, some people haven't realized this yes. I hate posts like this:

Earlier this evening, approximately 20+ police officers with their sticks drawn, accompanied by horses charged into the Mirrer Yeshiva building (Bais Yeshaya). They sprayed tear gas in the front of the building and the Bochirum were locked inside the building for quite some time. The Bochirum fought back by tossing Shtenders at the police, and the police retreated in defeat. The police then went to the Mashgiach, Reb Ahron Chodosh Shlita and spoke with him. R’ Ahron then went to the Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Nosson Tzvi Finkel Shlita and spoke with him. R’ Nosson Tzvi Shlita appeared outside his home and appealed to the hundreds of angry Bochirum to please go to their Dira’s and not fight back with the police.

They call Israel a democracy? In the entire world police would never think of entering a place of worship. As many of you might recall, when there were a hundred Arab terrorists holed up in a Bethlehem Church a few years ago, the IDF waited patiently for DAYS until they came out and surrendered.

Again I ask: When will these animals - with their Nazi style beatings be stopped?

[Ez: last bold mine] Um, excuse me? Their "Nazi-style" beatings? Are you kidding me? Let's throw out the fact that your version of the story seems skewed, biased, exaggerated, and full of false statements for a second. What about some background (courtesy of a commenter there who doesn't exactly seem to be pro-police):
you guys really do need to calm down. I also agree israeli police are biased against haredim but my husband and son were in there being held hostage for 2 hours and this is what happened according to them. 50 or so yerusahlmi bachurim were running from the police and ran to the b.m. to seek shelter. THey threw off their jackets and preteded to learn at shtenders. They are the ones who put “our” children learning in the b. m at risk.Beating the police does not teach our children anything about being an Am kodesh and certainly will not stop this parade. THe charedim instead should have had massive tehillim rallies every night at the kosel and let the Ribono Shel Olam take care of these behamos. and unfortunately the police does not know the difference between the charedi yerushalmi setting garbage cans on fire and my american son learning in the Mir.
Well, that's certainly different. Of course, the context shouldn't matter. To compare police trying to stop violent protesters to Nazi officers is despicable. As Loren said:
I hope a survivor whacks you across the face. Shut up, then read up!


  1. Or like republican jewish coalition ads against democrats with pictures of holocaust victims and chamberlain

    or ppl who use nazi euphamisms for israeli leaders

  2. I guess it Envouge now to use the term...No soup for you!