Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Video of the Day

It's just one minute, but it's awesome. Check it out at Shoshana's "other" blog.

The idea of how every little action we do affects what everyone else does is not only perfectly shown, it is so incredibly true. When people see the others around them acting a certain way, that will in turn cause them to act a certain way - for good or for bad. Harking back to the discussions here about New York, it isn't that New Yorkers are necessarily 'bad people' - it's that everything is so rushed here, people are forced to ignore what goes on around them much more, and those little things - the ones that make all the difference - simply don't happen. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying.


  1. You have to train yourself to be considerate. I was once on a flight with several others I know and one man in our group greeted the Gate Attendant with a very friendly "Good Morning" and the same to the Flight Attendants. His tone showed such sincerity that you could see a reaction from the people he spoke to. I was at Walmart the other day with a lady who is also like that. She asked the cashier a couple of friendly questions and you could see the cashier soften and smile. It just takes a little thoughtfulness, no extra time required.

  2. Chana - I'm so sorry. :(

    Mommy - I agree. I should have said that the rushed feeling forces people to look out for themselves more than others, and they are so muddled they don't have that thoughtfulness.

    But I think I was pretty good today, especially after seeing this.

  3. Ezzie: I hate NY. I woke up this morning at 5:30, got dressed, walked to my car, only to see that it has been broken into. The bastards broke my window and ripped apart my car. Luckily there was nothing of value in the car. At first I thought they took my law books which are worth about $600, then I saw my napsack about 50 ft away from the car--idiots, they dont know the value of the books. This would never happen out of town. New York sucks.

  4. OMG, dgesq. That sucks. I'm really sorry, man. Anything I can do? At least if they're caught, you've got a good chance of the DA's office actually prosecuting... ;)