Monday, November 13, 2006

Selling Liquor in an Old Home

We went to my grandparents for supper last night, and in the course of conversation, my grandfather told us a couple of hilarious stories regarding a cousin's grandfather in Canada.

When his children and grandchildren approached him about moving to an old home when he was 90, he complained that they were for old people and refused to go. When he was 95, he finally agreed to go, but only if he was allowed to come and go as he pleased. He was told that this was fine as long as he would inform them of where he was going.

When he turned 100, he received a letter from Queen Elizabeth for his birthday (in the US, you can request one from the President). He didn't really speak English, so he would use this letter as his ticket to go anywhere. He'd walk out of the old home, stand by the bus stop, and wave his letter until someone stopped. One of the first times, a police car pulled up and asked, "Where ya goin', Gramps?" He just waved his letter, and then showed them a piece of paper with my cousin's address. They motioned to him to get in, and he sat in the back of the police car while they drove. When they got there, they made him stay in the car while they asked my cousin if she knew this man - she looks out to see him in the back of a police car at 100 years old. She said that it was her grandfather, and they let him out.

He used to like having a shot of liquor before every meal, so many of his descendants would bring him bottles of liquor as presents when they'd come visit. After a while, the old home complained to my cousin that apparently, he was selling shots of liquor to other patients! It wasn't so much that he was making money off of it as it's dangerous for some of the people he was selling to. My cousin asked him in Yiddish (my grandfather said it's much funnier in Yiddish),
"What are you doing?! How can you sell shots of liquor to elderly people?!"
"Nu - Purim time I'll give them out for free!"
":::sigh::: And how do I explain this practice of yours to the gentile nurses?!"
"Tell them I'll give the free shots out at Christmas instead. :) "
Just thought people would enjoy. I'm home today, after being sick on-and-off all weekend, especially last night; they're finally installing our kitchen today at least. That's a whole 'nother story (sorry, PN :P ), but suffice it to say: Don't get your kitchen through Home Depot. Short version: After 2 months of waiting, we still didn't get our counters, and the pieces they sent are slightly damaged, though once installed you won't be able to see it.


  1. Taking shots of liquor, selling it on the side: sounds like me. Oh wait, I'm 22.

  2. what an enterprising grandfather... making the most of his situation!!

    feel better and hope the kitchen turns out ok :)

  3. HILARIOUS!! I love old people like that! Good luck with your kitchen-I can understand. We also finally just had the last worker OUT. but our shayish is still nice- good luck to you.

  4. Really funny story - I am convinced that a sense of humor helps you grow to a ripe old age!

  5. My father passed away at almost 95 this year and if I did not know better I'd say they are definitely related, at least from the same Galicia area;>)

  6. Glad everyone enjoys/can relate :)

    Thanks for the good wishes.