Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Photos Pointing to a Hizbollah Fakeout in Qana

(Hat tip: SIL) Confederate Yankee... wow, incredible post.

The more the evidence is examined, the more it seems that the deaths in Qana may actually be a setup. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

[A reminder also to see this EU Refereundum post, which notes that they keep bringing out the same body for photo ops from the building... 3 hours after the same body was shown in an ambulance. And the same guy is holding her. Also graphic.]

UPDATE: EU Referendum has an update. This is wild - the same guy who appears in every picture is the same one who was photographed in 1996 when they made the same claims of Israeli "massacres". He's holding a child there, too. He also appears in lots of other photos. What an amazing "rescuer", always showing up at the right places for every photo op. In fact, just yesterday he happened to be in another city, for another photo-op, but in a different job. Coincidence? You decide.

(In case you don't want to read the whole thing or see the pictures from the CY story, there's a brief summary after the jump.)

Helicopter strike times vs. collapse:
The IDF carried out 3 waves of attacks.
1) Midnight - 1am, at or near the area of the building collapse.
2) A few hours later, nowhere near the area.
3) 730am, closest bomb about 460 meters from the building.

The building supposedly collapsed over half an hour after the third strike, and 7-8 hours after the first one [the only one likely to have hit near the structure]. Why such a long delay? (One possibility: Hizbollah weaponry inside ignited, causing a collapse.)
Building itself:
The roof wasn't collapsed. How could that be if an air strike caused it? There was a crater next to the building. CNN noted that it appears not to have collapsed from an Israeli air strike.
1) Almost no blood.
2) CNN noted that the victims appeared to die in their sleep. Qs: How could they sleep through a thunderous attack? How could they be so unlucky as to remain in a building that collapses 7-8 hours after a strike... and why would they remain in the first place?
3) No markings consistent with a building collapse.
4) Rigor mortis had set in on the bodies, and the bodies appeared to have been dead 12-24 hours. This, just one hour after the collapse. [Rigor mortis starts after 3 hours; full rigor mortis takes 12+.]
5) No concrete dust on the victims, except one.
6) The workers helping to take the bodies out had no concrete dust consistent with having dug out any bodies.
7) Discoloration on some victim faces consistent with natural decomposition, of a few days.
1) Journalists not allowed near the building.
2) All bodies were pulled out by certain people from the exact same opening.
3) Evacuation didn't start until after the journalists arrived.
4) No live or injured people evacuated. [This was blamed on lack of equipment, though the journalists had no problem getting there.]


  1. Yeah, it's ticking me off right now that I don't have my own cable show.

  2. There really seems to be something strange going on.

    I saw one of the children being carried out in another photo before I saw the EU Referendum photos and thought then what a stange colour the body was - like she had died much earlier.

    I hope the truth comes out, especially considering how much they have been trying to influence world opinion through the media.

  3. It really is disgusting how Hezbollah is willing to use dead civilians (and to cause their deaths!) for PR. Still, let's not forget that a lot of civilians really are dying under Israeli fire.

  4. Chana - LOL

    Balaboosteh - YNet has picked up, we'll see if others do.

    JA - Who is forgetting? It just means that the numbers are far less, and that Hizbollah is contributing to them.

    Civilians tend to die in wars, especially when they are being forced to stay by terrorists.

  5. This does not suprise me at all. All Arabs have been doing things like this for years. Israel has nticed this for years. The only problem is the media is Arab loving and liberal and are scared of the truth.

  6. I've been blogging on this for two days over at Batya's Shiloh Musings. Check it out!

  7. Thanks - the SM feed is dead, for some reason.