Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 8/24: Five Months

Elianna is five months old today! Let's see... still almost no hair, still not walking or talking, still not potty-trained, pretty fat. She's living the life. :)

When Elianna was born, there was no real waiting - Serach had to get induced if Elianna hadn't come out on her own, and that was that. Others aren't so lucky: DotCoDotIL has already put up three waiting posts, but his latest one was especially interesting.
No news yet.

Was thinking about how the waiting for a person to enter the world is different to that of one who is about to depart it.

The latter is filled with reflection and contemplating. Looking back on a life's work and deeds while possibly questioning the meaning of life. Trying to assess the legacy that person will leave behind as well as coming to terms with what life will be like without that person around. Sadness and grief.

The former?
Read the rest.

It's Thursday, so presumably this will help everyone for Shabbos: Sarah has posted the 9th Kosher Cooking Carnival. Looks delectable... especially the main.

Meanwhile, MOChassid has started telling how he met his wife. Is every J-blogger going to start this? :) And why are only husbands doing this? The closest I can think of from the J-blogging females is Cruisin' Mom when she tells over some of her stories from the past...

Journalism & Letters:
Nobody likes commies, but now apparently a lot of people have issues with the YU Commentator (affectionately called the Commie). Great posts from different perspectives by both Town Crier (a former editor) and Fudge (a current contributor).
Must Reads:
DAG has the letter Ari Fleischer wrote to Jimmy Carter recently. Excellent.

Jack links to a wonderful piece by Jeff Jacoby regarding airport security. Excerpt:
Nearly five years after Sept. 11, 2001, US airport security remains obstinately focused on intercepting bad things -- guns, knives, explosives. It is a reactive policy, aimed at preventing the last terrorist plot from being repeated. The 9/11 hijackers used box cutters as weapons, so sharp metal objects were barred from carry-on luggage. Would-be suicide terrorist Richard Reid tried to ignite a bomb in his shoe, so now everyone's footwear is screened for tampering. Earlier this month British authorities foiled a plan to blow up airliners with liquid explosives; as a result, toothpaste and cologne have become air-travel contraband.

Of course the Israelis check for bombs and weapons too, but always with the understanding that things don't hijack planes, terrorists do -- and that the best way to detect terrorists is to focus on intercepting not bad things, but bad people.
Avrom links to an article about the state of Orthodoxy in Toronto; it's a really great piece by the CJN, and it applies to many communities today.
RafiG writes how desperately Israel needs direct elections. Great piece.

He also notes that the Na Nach are everywhere. This is pretty funny.

Irina is a hypocrite.
David Linn writes down The Monster - the story he told at the BeyondBT Shabbaton. It's funnier watching him tell it over, but it's still a good read... with a nice message for Elul.

Jewish Blogmeister is considering becoming a cantor.

Pearl loses her (baseball) virginity... at "37"!

If you're up for some Japanese comedy, these are [wrong and] hilarious. Thanks Jack, I was laughing for 15 minutes straight... and I can't even understand the commentary.


  1. Funny thing, I saw your post about part VI of how you met your wife and was thinking maybe I should do the same thing.

    I beleive my wife did a brief "how I met my husband" post a while ago.

    I'll have to go look for it now.

  2. It's a good medium for putting down some cherished memories, IMO. Seeing it makes it easier to remember what you've missed, too...

  3. It's funnier to watch me give it over? Maybe I should have gone with a video.

  4. Jewish Blogmeister is considering becoming a cantor.

    You forgot a link here. :-)

  5. LOL, thanks for the link! : ) I always love those how-we-met stories... Hopefully, they'll keep on coming!

  6. JA - Ugh. Thanks.

    Irina - Amen to that!

  7. Ezzie, you'll always keep me young! Thanks for the link.

  8. What a wonderful idea I just got. You know, maybe I should post how I met MY wife.

  9. 5 months old, and we don't get a new picture? broken camera or no, that is just wrong...

  10. Pearl - Well, if 37 is young... ;)

    Holy Hyrax - You should! (I think.)

    MCAryeh - Ouch. You're right. Soon, soon...

  11. HA! My story would put yours to shame. My story has a cool car, a drag race, prom, a carnival and pleny of spontaneous songs.

  12. Awww, Ezzie, thanks for the link :).
    Happy 5 months to beautiful Elianna (love your little slide show by the way)