Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Israeli Prostitution Ring Gets Busted

As if the trafficking of women in Israel isn't bad enough, now some jerks have brought the practice to the States.
Two Israeli nationals were arrested on suspicion of running a massive Palm Springs prostitution ring that employed more than 240 women in several Western states and generated millions of dollars, authorities said.

The men operated Elite Entertainment, which posed as an escort service in online and newspaper advertisements, according to court documents.
Sick, sick, sick. A good friend of mine who serves in the Israeli army used to tell me about his unit's working with Bedouin trackers to track the scum who would transport women (and occasionally drugs) to Tel Aviv and other places to be used as prostitutes and, basically, slaves. What a disgraceful group of people to run such "businesses".

[Odd side note: One of the men is 44, married to a 24-year old Melanie Ann Smith. Something about that strikes me as quite odd...]


  1. Ezzie,

    Do you know there's a thing called Jewish Mafia, born long before the Italian one. One of the Godfathers of the Russian Mafia is Jewish and is currently living in Israel. So this is not a suprise.

  2. It was called Murder Inc.

    Neil Kleid did a great comic about it called "Brownsville"