Monday, August 28, 2006

Triple Enjoyment

CWY pointed to it first, so he gets the hat tip: This is the best article you'll read this week.
Israel's top military commander sat on the edge of his bed, talking on the phone, rubbing his forehead. The bedroom door was closed, muffling the Saturday clink and giggle of his children at lunch. His chief of operations was on the gray, secure phone, the line that rang louder and sharper and made his heart beat fast.
The other person to link to it is SoccerDad - who then discusses the issue a bit.

SweetRose, meanwhile, links to and discusses a couple of items she read. I especially agree with both her and Ariella of Kallah Magazine about the second one - sick, sick, sick attitude among some "FFB"s.

Shoshana and David are the two first J-blogs I ever read (along with the now-busy mom Miriam at BlogHead), and I've always enjoyed their writing - so, of course, I asked them to guest post here a couple of times over the next couple of weeks. I've also had the pleasure of meeting both of them in person, and they're both wonderful. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

More guests to come... (?)


  1. Aw, now I have warm fuzzies - thanks :) Looking forward to guest posting while you're busy, busy, busy.

  2. Fantastic article. Amazed the reporter was given so much access and information...

  3. Shoshana - You're a blog savior. :)

    MCAryeh - I was as well. It could be it's partially because it's a great PR move for Israel.

  4. Related, from a military blog:

    On the Virtues of Killing Children

    "Let us speculate that our enemy -- say in Iran -- seeks to kill our children. If we attack them to stop it, we may or may not kill any of their children -- and we will do everything in our power to avoid it. If we do not, they certainly will kill ours. Should we attack them or not?"