Wednesday, August 23, 2006


From the Muqata:
5:32 PM Speechless. Channel 10 just announced the results of a poll they conducted: If there would be elections today for Prime Minister, who would you vote for? Check out the following results:

Amir Peretz 1%
Shimon Peres 2.6%
Ehud Olmert 3.4%
Benjamin Netanyahu 46.5%
Avigdor Leiberman 46.5%
I don't quite understand how this is possible; Arabs alone make up a decent percentage of the country. If it's even somewhat representative, though... wow.

We're off to Chihoolie or however you spell it with my grandparents. (The glass-blower.) Have a great day!


  1. I thought you hated polls ;)

    Really nice montage of your family by the way.

  2. ck out this spoof site:

  3. ezzie, check out the portions of my letter to the editor in this week's jewish press.

  4. oh yeah. and an amen kein yhi ratzon to that preevious post.

  5. It's a poll taken at a random time in a country where prime ministers are not elected. So put simply, it has little relevance to who would be ruling the country if Olmert called for new elections.

  6. I'm surprised Ehud got as much as he did...

  7. Hyrax - I do. And I think this one has to be off, too... but it's still interesting.

    Biff - Umm...

    Avi - Thanks, I will, and amen.

    Nephtuli - Agreed. Still interesting, though.

    CE - LOL

  8. chihuly is one of my favourite artists! it's amazing. enjoy the exhibit!

  9. How was Chihuly? I saw an exhibit of his in the Old City in Yerushalayim a few years long will the exhibit be at the Gardens?

  10. Chihouly was pretty cool... have some decent photos I took on my grandparents' camera.

    It's there until late October, so you have time.

  11. There's a permanent Chihuly exhibit in our city!

    The extended collection was absolutely stunning when it was here a couple years ago.

    Chihuly pieces make great wedding gifts for your friends. Don't forget your credit card!

  12. ...or a second mortgage, or your first born. ;)

  13. mcaryeh: I have a ton of pictures I took of the Chihuly exhibit in the Old City when it was here a few years back.

    Maybe I'll post them next week.