Friday, August 25, 2006

The Different Twist Cafe

This Sunday, for those of you in the Queens/Five Towns areas, there is a new cafe opening up, just up the block from where we live in Kew Gardens Hills. On Main Street at 76th Ave., The Different Twist Cafe is having its grand opening.

The coolest part? Two friends of mine from Miami who went to Lander are the ones who are opening it. Different Twist Pretzel Company is actually a chain of pretzel/cafes, but this will be the very first Kosher* one - and I hear they're looking into opening another in the Five Towns and another on the Upper West Side.

* Vaad HaRabanim of Queens

The pretzels are great, it's a really, really nice place, and they have plenty of stuff besides pretzels - sandwiches, salad bar, coffee, shakes, ice cream, yogurt, sundaes, smoothies, etc. I took a couple pics of the menu (after the jump) when they were still putting the place together - check it out and come on out. They're in a good spot - there's a decent amount of parking around them, and easy to get to from anywhere in Queens or coming off the Van Wyck from the Five Towns. If you see the owners, you can tell them I sent you. :)

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  1. Just in time for my arrival :)

  2. So, the next time you are foolish enough to bet against the steelers, we will be eating pretzels instead of sushi?

  3. yum!
    i need to come back to queens sometime... it's been too long since i had the pleasure of trying out all the restaurants on main st!

  4. Steg - Nebach. It's not like you actually get sushi, anyway... ;)

    David - It's cheaper! :)

    Sarah - We're waiting...

  5. hmmm..I probably should go to Main Street more often...

    I really shouldn't hear about a new place on Main St. from a blog.

  6. Chana - 'tis. It's a really nice, funky store.

    Rebecca - Yummmm.... :)

    CWY - Wait a second... I thought... never mind.

  7. Now I know why I didn't see this place go up- it's not exactly in busiest parts of Main Street.

  8. Right, but that's partly because it's much cheaper, partly because they had no choice, and partly because they wanted it that way.