Sunday, August 06, 2006

SerandEz on the Road: From BeyondBT & Graffiti to Weddings, Showers, & Way Too Much Driving

[Rabbi A: This one's for anyone, but I think you'll enjoy it more. :) ]

Blogging will be particularly light this week, as we have 3 weddings and a sheva brachos [and for Serach, a shower] to attend over the next few days, and we've taken over someone else's house in Monsey for a while as they go to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. [All of the smachot are closer to or in Monsey.]

Of course, this means that after the really nice, pleasant, fun BeyondBT Shabbaton, where we met a number of other bloggers including [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], the super-anonymous [redacted], and how could I leave out [redacted], we're on the road all week. We left the BeyondBT melave malka at about 11:30, while a few dozen people were still there, and finally hit the road at 12:40, arriving about 1:45 and finally getting to sleep about 3:30 - only to wake up at 6am to drive to and from Newark airport, a good 1:45 of driving. [I'm not sure if I will actually get to a point in this post... read on and see!] Next, we take poor little Elianna - who, though quite sick, has been such a good baby and hasn't even cried - to the doctor to see what's wrong. :(

From there it's off to Passaic to drop Serach at Kickboxer's shower, while I go visit some other friends and/or relatives in Joysey. Then it's back to Monsey, get ready, and head up to Anthony's Pier for wedding #1 (while missing another in Brooklyn).

Then the real exhaustion sets in - a 4:30am pickup from JFK of a friend who is on the way back from Israel, which is a good hour and a quarter or more away, then driving back to Monsey. Here, the person specifically made their ticket to JFK and not Newark in the hopes that I would pick them up, and since JFK is the closest airport to our apartment, this would be convenient. Only... we don't normally have a car, and they didn't actually bother to tell us this. But, since we love them anyway, I'm not only wasting 3 hours in the middle of the night when I haven't slept to get them, we're actually giving them the car we have for the week while we go to our weddings. Yes, we're brilliant [suckers].

Meanwhile, a good friend of ours took the keys to our apartment, which has [somewhat working] air-conditioning, and has the option of staying there instead of their apartment, a basement with two boilers and no air conditioners. This is primarily because while we made enough food for about 8 guys for Friday night, we were only 2 guys and 5 girls. This resulted in there somehow being more food leftover than there was served, even though everyone claims they ate "a ton". So... our friend has a refrigerator stocked with enough stuff to keep them going for a while, which may be good in case they decide to hole themselves up in our apartment while the police continue their investigations of what keeps happening in our building: The latest two incidents being maple syrup poured all over the mailbox area and "Muslims Hate Jews" graffiti on the wall. The good news is our friend is a really good shot; the bad news is they can't carry in this country (yet).

ANYWAYS... so yeah, blogging will be a bit light this week. Perhaps the other contributors will step up this week in my stead [AHEM] and treat you all to their wisdom; "I'm getting married tomorrow!" is not a good excuse. ;) If you're at one of the same weddings this week, feel free to come by and say hi [if you're the chosson, this is not what you should be doing].

:::sigh::: Let the driving - and parties - begin!



  1. From one of the unnamed bloggers who you met - thanks for the great Friday night meal and fun at the Shabbaton! And Elianna is really adorable, and an incredible baby!

  2. ...Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled rant...

  3. Geez- I got lost just reading that thing! How do you do it, Ez?

  4. "Anon" - ;) Thanks! The pleasure really was ours. Nu, so when you coming back?!

    Mordy - Nice. :)

    TNSPR - We'll see if I do...

  5. "...we're actually giving them the car we have for the week.."
    Hmmmm, do A and I know this????
    It might take a lot for me to keep my mouth shut on this one! ; )

  6. wow i'm tired just reading all that!

    enjoy :)

  7. Eema2four - Hehe. It's okay, it's a certain Chicagoan who they've actually let use the car in the past. ;)

    Sarah - Perhaps you should put your glasses back on and stop drinking :)

  8. Great meeting and shmoozing wth you at the Shabbaton.

  9. Steve - You as well. Thanks :)

  10. i think i need to change my profile picture again as this one seems to be projecting the wrong image (ie: that i drink a lot!) ;)