Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yet Another Trip

Well, here comes Canadia again. (Yes, it has an 'i'.) Have I ever mentioned that I love JetBlue? I'm flying myself and a friend to Buffalo early Tuesday, where we get to pick up a 17" UHaul truck and take it to Toronto to load it up with stuff. Then, I have to somehow cross the border while convincing them that I'm not stealing the stuff in the back - fun.

We're not sure yet how we'll do it: We have a wedding here in NYC on Wednesday night, and we want to get to Niagra Falls at some point. The question is whether we should do that Tuesday night - leaving us with no great options to stay - or Wednesday morning, which lets us stay in Toronto somewhere - but makes it tougher to get back in time.

So... anyone going to Niagra? ;)


  1. For the record, It is spelled "Niagara Falls" (extra "a", I make that mistake as well).

    There are loads of Motels in Niagara Falls as you can imagine. The ones nearer to the Falls tend to be expensive (especially in the summer). The ones farther away tend to be more "flea baggy".

    The driving difference will be about 2 hours (i.e. coming from TO as opposed to Niagara Falls).

  2. If school weren't back in session, I'd love to make a trip to Niagara! We didn't get to stop on our way out East this year!

    A 17" U-Haul truck? Are you hauling doll furniture? :)

    So, wait:

    Fly to Buffalo early Tues
    Drive to Toronto
    NYC for Wedding Wed night

    Niagara in there somewhere with a 17' U-Haul

    How long is the drive? What time is the wedding?

  3. And how long a drive from Niagara to Toronto?

    Here's my tentative recommendation:

    Buffalo to Niagara, park at the Skylon Tower (huuuge parking lot), spend the day, drive to Toronto and spend the night.

    Next morning, load up and drive to NYC in time for the wedding. Let your friend sleep - I KNOW you don't need that much! :)

    I don't think you should leave the U-Haul overnight in Niagara... too much temptation to be broken into. People can't tell it's empty from the outside...

  4. Avrom - I always mess that one up. Ah well. :)

    Chana - Okay, okay. You and my mother. 17', not 17". All right?

    Interesting ideas, but we have to go to Toronto first before my SIL leaves town that afternoon. We're still planning, though, and it's possible she doesn't need to be there, so... maybe! Thanks!