Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The J-Blogger Checklist

UPDATED: Okay, so apparently some people are confused, based on e-mails received... even some of the people I've met, I met for just a couple of seconds. A couple probably don't remember meeting me. A couple don't realize that we met, or almost met. I don't know the real identities of a few of the people below. I don't even know where I "almost met" some people, just that they said they were at the same place as me at the same time - it could have been the supermarket, a 600-person wedding, a 2000-person rally, etc. For instance, I met one blogger in **, who thought they would be with another. In the end, we met at a different time and place than originally planned, and the second blogger wasn't there. I doubt the second one is even aware of what happened.

Well, Steg finally updated his list, so it's only fair that I do the same with mine. Steg & I met for sushi yesterday, and, after running out on him in the first minute for about 15 and rudely answering about 15 calls while we were there, we had a nice time eating everything but sushi. Yeah, that made sense.

So, with no further ado, here are my J-blogger meetings: (symbols taken from Steg, changed by me)
= have met in RL
√! = met in RL before knowing about their blog or before their blog existed
√* = met briefly in an unplanned situation in RL, I realized
√^ = met briefly in an unplanned situation in RL, they realized
√? = pretty sure met in RL, but no independent verification
√~ = communicated with by an RL medium, but no physical encounter [I think that's like a phone or Skype... e-mails obviously don't count]
i~ = IMed, but no physical encounter
√º = sushi with Ezzie™
√@ = meal(s) @ SerandEz™ (k = came for kiddush)
√@z = lodged @ SerandEz™
X = almost met in RL
X? = possibly met in RL, but no way of knowing
* = related
*Serach - √ √! √º √@ √@z
*SIL - √! √@
RebAbe - √! √@ √@z
Holy Hyrax - √
Pobody's Nerfect - √!
MordyS - √!
Steg - ü

Ayelet - X
Batya - X
Ben Greenberg - √!
A few BeyondBT people - √√√√√√√
Canonist - √*
Chaim - X i~
Chardal - X
CharlieHall - √
DAG - √?
David Linn - √º √@k
David Kirschner - √! √º √@k
FFD - √! √@
FFW - √! √@ √@z
Fudge - X
R' Gil - √
*IsraelMusings - √!
Jameel - √~ i~
Jonah - √! √*
*Kefirot - √!
KollelMama - X?
LabRab - √
LarryLenhoff - √
Mark Frenkel - √
Menachem Butler - √*
MOChassid - X
Moshe Potemkin - √^
Nephtuli - √!
OntheFlipSide - √!
Orthomom - X
*OurBS, Eh? - √!
Pearl - √
PsychoToddler - X √~
RaggedHoboJungle - √! √@
Rebecca - √
RubinCompServ - √!
Sarah - i~
Shoshana - √ √@
Slippery Slope - √^
SoccerDad - √
Steve Brizel - √
StillRuleAll - √!
*TypoLad - √!
*Tzarich Iyun - √!
TheValve - √! √@
Tnspr - i~
WildTumor - √! √@ √@z
Wolfish Musings - X
Xvi (16) - √! √@ √@z
R' Yaakov Menken - √
R' Yitzchak Adlerstein - √*
Ze'ev - X

Whew. I'm sure I missed a few there... that's quite a bit more extensive than last time, even with not including the ones whose family members I met. I realized that if I did, the list would be ridiculous.


  1. Well, it seems my family knows yours...does that count for anything? Oh, and word verification isn't such a big deal.

  2. Hey! If you add "knows someone related to me", you can add me!! :)

  3. So what percentage of your blogroll would that be?

    Also - you don't lose marks for not having met bloggers who agressively protect their anonymity (eg RenReb).

  4. TSNPR - No. If I did that, the list would never end...

    Chana - Same to you. :)

    LabRab - A nice %. Though if I were honest, I'd update my blogroll like I keep saying I will, and the % will drop a bit. :)

  5. I guess there would be no "never met in RL but was in the same city at the same time" category, otherwise, you can include me (and Paul of Bloghead).

    You met Pearl at the wedding?

  6. No, she stopped by where I was staying as we loaded the car on the way out.

    If I did cities... I live in
    NYC. That would get a bit out of hand... :)

  7. Wait a minute, we went to Coffee Bean together. Shouldn't you have a special symbol for that?

    >Yitzchak Adlerstein not Yaakov.

  8. I always write Yaakov! Argh. Thanks.

    What special symbol should I have? $? There's no way to sum up "mmmmmm" in a symbol, ya know...

  9. Yay! I'm back to being purple (it's a much better color for me than green :)

    I think if I made such a list, it would be about a fifth of the length - you're good.

  10. Shoshana - well, that's because I was referencing your main blog this time. :) But fine, I'll leave you purple for both from now on...

    I have an advantage in that a bunch of family/friends have started blogging. Really, the list isn't that long...

  11. one word - $%^&**())&^%$$##@!!!

  12. Hey! We were in the same state once together!

  13. That's quite the complicated key you've got going there!

  14. Rabbi - what?!

    Chana - More than once...

    Sarah - Thanks!

  15. i just had a thought... does it count if you were possibly in the same country at the same time? :P

  16. Rebecca - Ah, the complicated symbols just makes it more fun.

    See, a big meeting would be great... only we have this anonymity problem. Half the people would be lying about who they are, or wearing masks... it would get kind of confusing. :)

    Sarah - Only for you... and only in your country. :)

  17. You need a symbol for met our RL very good friend. :) :) I'm sure eventually our circles with cross. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that they haven't yet.

  18. Sarah - :P

    SL - Me too... I'm sure sometime soon, though. You can always come visit. :)

  19. How about a symbol for: your biggest fan who you have never met, but hope to meet someday soon :)

  20. I don't know how to draw a babka or a gun. :)

    And it's a real shame, because we're not going to LA for Sukkos this year like we normally do, either. You're just going to have to come vacation in the Big Apple!

  21. Ezzie- we emailed, once... I would have hoped for a nod, a symbolic inclusion, SOMETHING!

    *starts to cry*

  22. Awww, don't cry! Please... You'll just have to come visit, and then we'll put you up there, in purple! :D

    (And welcome!)

  23. Maybe we will have to swing by sometime and buy a tichel and let Elianna meet the little boy of her dreams.

  24. Sounds good to me... as long as everyone understands that we're not supporting them. ;)

  25. You ususually come to L.A.? you could have met me and robert...babke and guns all at once:(

  26. Well, we came the last 2 years, but I don't think I really knew of you until right after last Sukkos. And babke and guns would be great! :)

  27. Ok, I'll stop crying... But careful what you wish for- I hope to be at a conference in your neighbourhood next year...

    (And your baby is gorgeous, so that is incentive to visit alone!)

    Shabbat Shalom.

  28. Of course she is, that's what we use her for :)

    We'd love to have you!

  29. Okay, Ezzie, that's SO much more complicated than my list. and alphabatized. and in color. You just had to one-up me, didn't you? :-P

    And yes, the "RL media" means generally anything with voice and/or video — skype, phone, video-conferencing...

  30. Sounds good to me... as long as everyone understands that we're not supporting them. ;)

    I'm pretty sure that our boy understands that!!! He can repeat back the phrase, "its not in the budget."

  31. Lennhoff is spelled as I just did, not as in your reference above. :>) But thanks for remembering our meeting.

  32. Sorry, Larry. It may have been quick, but it was very nice to do so.

  33. Yeah, he was on my football team. While I got fat and started to stink, he was incredible.

    I wrote this before that, I guess I'll have to update him in the next time. :)

    Weren't you at graduation or some other event in Lander? I seem to remember that I was going to go over and introduce myself when someone started talking to me...

  34. Ezz..we met on a friday afternoon at wassermans