Thursday, August 17, 2006


I'm having a bit of trouble with many pages, including my own blog... for some reason, unless I hit refresh, they're showing up as they were the last time I visited the page. Anybody have any idea why this is, and what I can do about it? I use Firefox (the newest version).

Other people also for some reason think that my blog hasn't been updated in a while, unless they hit refresh - is there anything I could do about that, either?



  1. I've noticed the same thing. I just chalk it up to Blogger being screwy. I suppose you could change something in your cache settings, but that wouldn't help your visitors.

  2. i am also. (btw, in response to the comment on my page, i think it's more that im impressed you actually check my blog :) )

  3. JA - Okay, at least I'm not the only one... hopefully people will start realizing that they need to refresh pages. I had one person IM me that "it's not your mother's birthday anymore, put up a new post!" I actually tried the cache, but it hasn't helped...

    Not Stam - Heh. I've heard that a few times lately... why is everyone so surprised?

  4. i dunno, no one knows i exist, and ive never made your lists or anythign so i didnt realize you knew about my site :)

    obasgg (thats my verification code. why do they always spell out funny sounding words?)

  5. That happens to me as well, sometimes (with my blog, as well as several others.) I think it's just a Blogger problem.

  6. NS - Well, that's only because I haven't done a roundup in a bit. :)

    Irina - Thanks. Sounds like everyone's having the same issues...

  7. that, plus the fact that i mainly quote other bloggers, leaving nothing for you to quote me on :)

  8. Okay, so I think we've established this is common. :)

    NS - LOL. Possibly... then again, that's why nobody ever links to my posts, either. :)