Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FOX Flip-Flopping? keeps changing its story from Israel, originally reporting about 60 dead in the Qana incident. A few hours ago, however, they updated the story, noting that in fact Human Rights Watch had confirmed there were 28 deaths, and not the original 60 which were reported. [I wish I had a screen shot, but I had no reason to think I would need one.]

Now, however, this is what FOX says:
Israel also acknowledged early Thursday that its bombing of a building in the south Lebanese village of Qana that killed 56 civilians was a mistake and said it would not have attacked if it had known civilians were inside. But a statement on the findings of a military inquiry into the attack on Sunday also charged that Hezbollah guerrillas used civilians as human shields for their rocket attacks.
56?! What happened to 28? To be sure, both numbers are still tragic, but doubling the number of dead has a huge impact.

As an aside, the number discrepancy explains this somewhat: Perhaps Israel did tragically hit a building that had 28 people, but Hezbollah tried to turn it into another Jenin by bringing in bodies from elsewhere for the cameras. Sick.

This is proving to be more and more true as well.

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