Monday, August 28, 2006

Hectic Life


Shoshana asked on her blog recently what people are trying to work on during Elul. I jokingly commented "Moving" - and sadly, it's not such a joke, but it's only half true: I'm also starting my new job in just 3 weeks. The company I'm working for has an excellent reputation for dealing with Jewish issues, such as holidays and the like - to the point that when I started asking about it during an interview, the interviewer informed me that everything was on Saturday/Sunday this year except Yom Kippur, which isn't a big deal because "plenty of people won't be in that day".

But this year will be quite interesting because of the scheduling: There is a week of orientation that leads right into Rosh Hashana, followed by a second week of orientation in a different locale where check-in is "Sunday evening, anytime after 3 pm" - while Rosh Hashana doesn't end until after nightfall. Even better, the next Monday is the first day of actual work... the same day as Yom Kippur.

Until then, there are a few weddings, including one tonight and another Wednesday night with my exhausting trip to Toronto and back in between. There's also the packing of an entire apartment, plus whatever I bring back from Toronto, then unpacking it next week there - and I still have some other work I need to get done. And of course there's a couple of Shabbosos in the middle. Fun fun.

Blogging is going to be slow. Some guests are going to be posting in my stead - MordyS already posted an excellent rant/shmuess on Elul below this post, and Prof. Justice sent me a great piece on the Chocolate City that I'm going to post later. SIL helped me compose a piece that I'm hoping to put up soon - it just needs a bit more editing - and if Holy Hyrax stops following XGH to the depths of wherever (kidding!), maybe he'll post as well. And we're still awaiting the first post of Pobody's Nerfect, but she is busy with her own move, so we'll have to see if that happens or not.

I'm probably going to invite a few others to post over the next couple of weeks - if you're interested, let me know via e-mail.

UPDATE: So far, so good. 'Leave whenever you have to on Fridays to be home on time, come Monday morning if you have to.' Nice.


  1. 2007 is going to be packed with week day holidays....Pesach, Shavuous, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos....

    oy! well, there goes my "vacation" time....

  2. Ezzie,

    Welcome to the working world and all of the challenges and compromises it presents.

  3. ahhaa aaahhhaaa funny man.

    He follows me, not the other way around. Its just part of the shtick to make seem like he is pulling me more and more and more and more and more and more into militant skepticism.

    AND, I am working on some posts.

  4. There was a friend of mine using to say: May all days of the year be Sundays and only one Monday and then to be a wedding or a funeral.

  5. Welcome to the working world where vacation = Yom Tov and your coworkers can't understand why you are not well rested from all that time off you take in April ;) It IS great that the fall Yomim Tovim are on the weekends this year. So happy your workplace is understanding. Mine is as well and it makes a huge difference.

  6. ASJ - This is the last lucky stretch for a bit...

    Jack - Thanks.

    HolyHyraxMan - Yeah, sure. But I'm looking forward to the posts... :)

    Brenda - Heh.

    SaraK - Hehe. Good thing 1/2 my group is Jewish, 1/4 frum. :)

  7. Great that your employer is so accomodating. A good sign for things to come, I hope...

  8. Irina - Oh, there's more, too... ;)

    MCA - Amen!

  9. hectic! good luck :) i'm sure you'll manage everything.

    as for this "'Leave whenever you have to on Fridays to be home on time, come Monday morning if you have to.'".... lucky!!! i'm waiting to hear about a job... if i get it then i'll have to do some explaining about that sort of thing which is difficult.