Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yet Another Trip

Well, here comes Canadia again. (Yes, it has an 'i'.) Have I ever mentioned that I love JetBlue? I'm flying myself and a friend to Buffalo early Tuesday, where we get to pick up a 17" UHaul truck and take it to Toronto to load it up with stuff. Then, I have to somehow cross the border while convincing them that I'm not stealing the stuff in the back - fun.

We're not sure yet how we'll do it: We have a wedding here in NYC on Wednesday night, and we want to get to Niagra Falls at some point. The question is whether we should do that Tuesday night - leaving us with no great options to stay - or Wednesday morning, which lets us stay in Toronto somewhere - but makes it tougher to get back in time.

So... anyone going to Niagra? ;)