Monday, August 28, 2006

Revenge of the Skeptic

I’ve been meaning to write this post, for a few days now, but after I watched a certain movie, last night, it pushed me to write it today. Actually, its this movie that has a lot to do with the post. If anyone has been following, there is a certain blogger out there, that has gone through quite a transformation. If you recall, this blogger started out by nailing it down hard on a segment of the Charedi community, especially those involved in the Slifkin ban. And he did it quite well. A large readership formed. At the same time, many discussions transpired about certain difficulties reconciling science and Torah. The threads were spectacular. Some of us heard things we never heard before. Things that were probably never going to be mentioned on the outside. He captivated us with us brute honesty and willingness to tackle these issues. Many people emailed him to thank him for enhancing their emunah. Many people considered him the champion that was going to once and for all bring orthodoxy back to its greatness. There was something in him we never saw before. Of course, that was the beginning.

Fast forward it about a year (or more), and things started to change. Answers to questions were stopping. Atheists and skeptics started taking over. Where once was light, clouds were starting to come in. Commenters witnessed spontaneous bursts of anger due to frustration. Some of us were beginning to see where this might lead… but we had hope. The greatest of the J-bloggers would lead us on. But, others felt there was a dark influence on him from behind. Slowly, from the blog shadows, whispering in his ears that his current life was a lie. Of course, we can’t prove it, but whats for certain is that we all started seeing a change. A change we did not want to see. This was going on for a while. Fighting to sustain some sort of sanity between faith and reason.

But alas, the “other” side had at last ensnared him. A much different blogger rose full of rage and frustration. He is almost non-recognizable, almost a machine. A lot even consider him a menace now more than ever. To top it all, his name was changed.

I’m sure everyone has guessed to what movie this whole situation reminds me of. (No, no, not Grease). I’m also sure everyone recalled that there was a happy ending at the end of everything. And like the movies, I still have hope. Hope that everything will turn around once again for him. I have hope that some sort of answer will be found for some of those questions that ache us…especially for him. I have hope that there WILL be a happy ending.

In the meantime, all attempts to destroy him (metaphorically) are highly encouraged :P