Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rumpspringa for Jews?

Fascinating article in the Jewish Week sent by reader Sara K. I'm heading out now with the cutie and my grandfather for a bit, so commentary will come later; meanwhile, give it a read.

Allowed to stray from the fold, 90 percent of Amish youth come back; could the Orthodox use a ‘rumspringa’ of their own.

Shachtman watched this, as a rare outsider who was granted insider status, on and off for three years. A Jew from a “very liberal background,” he had access to conservative Amish homes and Amish lives, watching their teens making life-changing decisions.

For people who view the Amish as isolated, quaint, buggy-riding anachronisms, his book paints a surprising picture: Shachtman’s Amish teens have active libidos and hip-hop vocabularies; they like money and have favorite pro sports teams; they’re not as square as they may appear.

Just like many frum kids.